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Six boxes + one crate = 22 cats and kittens

We found these boxes and a crate left at the gate one morning. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble taping and venting these boxes filled with cats, and more than one litter of kittens. There were ten kittens ranging in age from a few days to a few weeks, two nursing mothers, and ten other adults. We made places for the moms and babies, took the other ten for vetting, neutering/spaying, shots, etc.

Here are some of the kittens. The moms were in poor condition and not able to produce enough milk, some of the tinier kittens were helped along with some bottle feeding. Sadly, there were two little ones that just weren’t meant for this world yet.

One of the adult cats looking out … or trying to get some air. Even the mornings in southern Texas can be VERY warm!

All of the cats are friendly, easy to handle, the vet’s office didn’t have any problem working with them, nor have we. So, they weren’t from a feral colony. They had not been neutered/spayed, so they didn’t come from another shelter, which would have been a requirement. Wherever they originated, they will receive the best care we can give them.

Soooo …. thanks to our friend, supporter, artist, Leslie Cobb, who donated several pieces of some one-of-a-kind cat jewelry and some prints of her very own art work – we started an auction to help offset some of the vet costs and expenses with the new influx of felines !!  To see Leslie’s Cat Art go to ! She has some wonderfully inspired pieces of some of the cats she’s visited at sanctuaries and the paintings tell their stories. Leslie has been helping cats for some time from coast to coast.

Not too long after getting the cats all settled in, we saw two dogs in the woods off the highway near our property. We were able to catch the puppy first, and named her Doodle Bug. But it took a while to finally catch up with the Pit Bull. He was immediately taken to the vet, he is elderly with some medical issues. One of our wonderful sponsor moms (of several LWHA residents), Ellen Parrish is sending this old gentleman a memory foam bed and has started calling him “Texas”. Carlos said,okay, his name is Texas!

Catching Texas in the woods

Doodle Bug

Doodle Bug was so happy to be reunited with her friend.

Texas waiting at the vet’s office.

AND … the last new addition for the month of July: Ginger, finally having weaned her litter of kittens, made a long trip to Huntsville, TX from Fort Smith, AR. Carlos kept her at the office, separated from the ‘Office Boys’ until she could get an appointment at the vet to be spayed and have her inoculations started. Ginger was found to be a VERY gentle and loving kitty, with six toes on all four paws! Little by little, the “office boys” have accepted her as one of their team and she will remain on staff at this time.

Ginger on the conference table

Ginger receiving instruction from Earl the Office Manager

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Jack – Silly, Silly Boy!

Meet Jack, a very silly Donkey. Jack was rescued some time back with another buddy of his, a horse. His buddy went to a horse ranch/sanctuary, and we were fortune enough to be the ones to give Jack a home. He has certainly been entertaining to say the least! For example, there was the day of his great escape!

Was shocked to see Jack on the porch of the clinic….he had opened the gate …

Jack seemed to be wondering why he was up there …

Then he discovered Ricardo and Black Beauty…..had a stare down before kicking his heels up and taking off…

After Carlos got him off the porch, Mike was changing the gate latch…

Staked out where the grass is greener… (with Miss Martha)

Jack loves this grass…..he will soon have this area fenced so he can graze…

Back in his pen and wondering why his gate won’t open.

He runs up to his fence to “talk” to anybody and everybody that might come anywhere near his pen – and talk, oh my, does the boy love to talk! Here is Miss Martha and Jack having a conversation:

We certainly have enjoyed having Jack with us at LWHA – and are proud to announce he recently was fortunate enough to acquire a sponsor mom – Ellie Parish.

If you’re ever in the Huntsville, Texas area – come by and let Jack say hello to you!



Cutie is a long-haired tuxedo kitty. But, that’s not all she is, this little ball of fur was born with Spina Bifida (Manx Syndrome). Don’t you dare feel sorry for her, she doesn’t let that slow her down one little bit.

Cutie has been with us about 4 years by now. LWHA got her from the local humane society so she would not be put down. She is very spunky and loves attention. She’ll give you plenty of attention, too, if you’re too slow getting her breakfast in the mornings! She loves to go up and down the stairs and climb the Kuranda tower. She has her favorite spot to spend a lot of time keeping an eye on everyone and everything happening in and around “The Big House”. Where might that spot be? Perched high upon the banister.

This little girl loves to play, comes running when you call, and gives some of the other kitties a bit of tux attitude! You can click on this link for a short view of how Cutie can fly!

Cutie Running

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A Wish List with Amazon.

We have started a “wish list” with We always appreciate all who help support us by sponsoring, donating, and purchasing items from our store, and can now have the option of purchasing something that goes directly to the animals.

To check out our wish list, go to and at the top you will see the Wish List drop down menu. Go to: Find a Wish List or Registry and type in Little Woman Home for Animals and it will pop up.

We’re also going to add that link to the right side of our page under Bookmarks  which should take you directly to the LWHA Wish List. We appreciate any orders you place through Amazon, we just ask if you do, please let us know your name, address, and what ‘gift’ you ordered so we may thank you. Especially, many thanks from our furry residents!

We also appreciate our many friends who follow us, sharing and giving us feedback on our Google+, WordPress, and Facebook pages.


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Something New!!


Little Woman Home for Animals has started a new fund for special needs animals – The Angel’s Mercy Fund. This fund will be used in expenditures toward extraordinary veterinary bills, equipment, supplies, or rehabilitation for those animals with special needs. The Angel’s Mercy Fund also allows for on-going monthly donations to be set up in any amount starting at $5. 

Oakes will be our very first recipient of the new funding. Oakes is a 5 year old, male Dachshund mix, adopted two years ago then returned to Little Woman October 2011 due to developing spinal difficulties. When he was returned he was totally incontinent with complete paralysis in his hind quarters. After trying several different medications and exercise, he has regained some use of his back legs and is able to move around in his run. After consulting with local veterinarians, it was recommended Oakes be seen and tested by a spinal expert. At this point, they do not know if surgery would be helpful or not. The expensive testing, and decisions as to surgery, will all have to be done some distance away from Huntsville.

Join us in wishing Oakes the best and that the new Angel’s Mercy Fund will take root and grow for these special needs animals! 




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“I have nothing to fear and here my story ends. My troubles are all over and I am at home.” Anna Sewell


“I have nothing to fear …


Little Woman Home for Animals is growing rapidly. We continue to keep up with animal care, physical plant, social outreach, and the everyday growing economic demands. While our sanctuary may seem small compared to others, our animal care is just as diligent, our hearts just as big, and our mission just as important.

LWHA has grown from the initial four donkeys rescued from the Grand Canyon, to include dogs, cats, donkeys, ducks, rabbits, and an occasional rescue of large wild birds, who are sent to a wildlife rehabilitation. Buildings are added to the 15 acre property on an as needed basis, we continue to grow our volunteer base, and our small band of employees/volunteers continue to reach out to their communities and beyond.

We are deeply grateful for our volunteers, donors, and sponsors. Our friends and followers have given us their gifts, their talents, useful insights, support, and resources.



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