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Something New!!


Little Woman Home for Animals has started a new fund for special needs animals – The Angel’s Mercy Fund. This fund will be used in expenditures toward extraordinary veterinary bills, equipment, supplies, or rehabilitation for those animals with special needs. The Angel’s Mercy Fund also allows for on-going monthly donations to be set up in any amount starting at $5. 

Oakes will be our very first recipient of the new funding. Oakes is a 5 year old, male Dachshund mix, adopted two years ago then returned to Little Woman October 2011 due to developing spinal difficulties. When he was returned he was totally incontinent with complete paralysis in his hind quarters. After trying several different medications and exercise, he has regained some use of his back legs and is able to move around in his run. After consulting with local veterinarians, it was recommended Oakes be seen and tested by a spinal expert. At this point, they do not know if surgery would be helpful or not. The expensive testing, and decisions as to surgery, will all have to be done some distance away from Huntsville.

Join us in wishing Oakes the best and that the new Angel’s Mercy Fund will take root and grow for these special needs animals! 




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“I have nothing to fear and here my story ends. My troubles are all over and I am at home.” Anna Sewell


“I have nothing to fear …