Jack – Silly, Silly Boy!

17 May

Meet Jack, a very silly Donkey. Jack was rescued some time back with another buddy of his, a horse. His buddy went to a horse ranch/sanctuary, and we were fortune enough to be the ones to give Jack a home. He has certainly been entertaining to say the least! For example, there was the day of his great escape!

Was shocked to see Jack on the porch of the clinic….he had opened the gate …

Jack seemed to be wondering why he was up there …

Then he discovered Ricardo and Black Beauty…..had a stare down before kicking his heels up and taking off…

After Carlos got him off the porch, Mike was changing the gate latch…

Staked out where the grass is greener… (with Miss Martha)

Jack loves this grass…..he will soon have this area fenced so he can graze…

Back in his pen and wondering why his gate won’t open.

He runs up to his fence to “talk” to anybody and everybody that might come anywhere near his pen – and talk, oh my, does the boy love to talk! Here is Miss Martha and Jack having a conversation:

We certainly have enjoyed having Jack with us at LWHA – and are proud to announce he recently was fortunate enough to acquire a sponsor mom – Ellie Parish.

If you’re ever in the Huntsville, Texas area – come by and let Jack say hello to you!


One response to “Jack – Silly, Silly Boy!

  1. ellie parish

    May 18, 2012 at 1:09 PM

    : o ) Best place in the world : o)


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