Busy Busy Busy!

26 Jul

Six boxes + one crate = 22 cats and kittens

We found these boxes and a crate left at the gate one morning. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble taping and venting these boxes filled with cats, and more than one litter of kittens. There were ten kittens ranging in age from a few days to a few weeks, two nursing mothers, and ten other adults. We made places for the moms and babies, took the other ten for vetting, neutering/spaying, shots, etc.

Here are some of the kittens. The moms were in poor condition and not able to produce enough milk, some of the tinier kittens were helped along with some bottle feeding. Sadly, there were two little ones that just weren’t meant for this world yet.

One of the adult cats looking out … or trying to get some air. Even the mornings in southern Texas can be VERY warm!

All of the cats are friendly, easy to handle, the vet’s office didn’t have any problem working with them, nor have we. So, they weren’t from a feral colony. They had not been neutered/spayed, so they didn’t come from another shelter, which would have been a requirement. Wherever they originated, they will receive the best care we can give them.

Soooo …. thanks to our friend, supporter, artist, Leslie Cobb, who donated several pieces of some one-of-a-kind cat jewelry and some prints of her very own art work – we started an auction to help offset some of the vet costs and expenses with the new influx of felines !!  To see Leslie’s Cat Art go to ! She has some wonderfully inspired pieces of some of the cats she’s visited at sanctuaries and the paintings tell their stories. Leslie has been helping cats for some time from coast to coast.

Not too long after getting the cats all settled in, we saw two dogs in the woods off the highway near our property. We were able to catch the puppy first, and named her Doodle Bug. But it took a while to finally catch up with the Pit Bull. He was immediately taken to the vet, he is elderly with some medical issues. One of our wonderful sponsor moms (of several LWHA residents), Ellen Parrish is sending this old gentleman a memory foam bed and has started calling him “Texas”. Carlos said,okay, his name is Texas!

Catching Texas in the woods

Doodle Bug

Doodle Bug was so happy to be reunited with her friend.

Texas waiting at the vet’s office.

AND … the last new addition for the month of July: Ginger, finally having weaned her litter of kittens, made a long trip to Huntsville, TX from Fort Smith, AR. Carlos kept her at the office, separated from the ‘Office Boys’ until she could get an appointment at the vet to be spayed and have her inoculations started. Ginger was found to be a VERY gentle and loving kitty, with six toes on all four paws! Little by little, the “office boys” have accepted her as one of their team and she will remain on staff at this time.

Ginger on the conference table

Ginger receiving instruction from Earl the Office Manager

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One response to “Busy Busy Busy!

  1. Sherry Black

    July 27, 2012 at 8:55 PM

    So Earl now has an assistant!!! Love this!


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