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A Wish List with Amazon.

We have started a “wish list” with We always appreciate all who help support us by sponsoring, donating, and purchasing items from our store, and can now have the option of purchasing something that goes directly to the animals.

To check out our wish list, go to and at the top you will see the Wish List drop down menu. Go to: Find a Wish List or Registry and type in Little Woman Home for Animals and it will pop up.

We’re also going to add that link to the right side of our page under Bookmarks  which should take you directly to the LWHA Wish List. We appreciate any orders you place through Amazon, we just ask if you do, please let us know your name, address, and what ‘gift’ you ordered so we may thank you. Especially, many thanks from our furry residents!

We also appreciate our many friends who follow us, sharing and giving us feedback on our Google+, WordPress, and Facebook pages.


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